November 2022

November 2022

And what a Nobel Prize winning war journalist did in the face of the impossible (borrow her technique)

The countdown is on! The last six weeks of 2022 is upon us. Uncertainty continues to roil markets and jobs. A recession is expected; massive layoffs in Silicon Valley indicate what is likely a cyclical downturn in big tech. Fear is a theme that continues from the last several years— a lack of security, a lack of knowing what the horizon holds.

Even if layoffs haven’t hit you, the last six weeks of the year is upon us. How will you look back at this year, and how will you finish strong? (a few ideas on how I’m thinking about this here— if any of this works for you, will you let me know?)

In the meantime, with all that continues to loom, what do you do if you’re feeling fearful?

First: Acknowledge. Second: Act.

Acknowledge your fear. It’s completely normal to feel afraid in the face of uncertainty. It’s ok to feel angry.

In a recent (important) article in The Atlantic, Filipino war journalist Maria Resse talks about finding out that state forces were destroying her company Rappler.

“So I did what I had learned to do while in war zones: I took five deep breaths in a row, pushed my emotion to the pit of my stomach, and decided on a course of action.”

Resse’s technique is a good one. Force yourself to stop and slow down. Feel your emotions. Practice your breathing. And then move forward.

THE THREE R’S give you a choice about how to move ahead (you can move through each one too, one at a time):

REENGAGE: If you’re finding yourself in the midst of the layoffs, reengaging is your option if you’re feeling energized to find a way to get back in the game. While larger companies are laying people off, smaller companies may be hiring. (Intuit announced today that they are hiring, as an example)

Actions: 1. Polish your resume. 2. Reach out to colleagues in your industry for informational chats. Ask how they are, what they’re looking for. 3. Begin to research opportunities to hire.

RESET: If you’ve found yourself laid off, this can also be a time to reassess. Had you been moving in the right direction? Do you want to find a different way to contribute?

Actions: 1. Tighten your resume. How do you describe the contributions you’ve made most recently in terms that might attract hiring managers in the area you’re looking to enter? 2. Reach out to friends who have made transitions, and hear their stories and ideas. They may also know of opportunities. 3. Begin to research possible positions. (This is a great time to take Going for Grit and Paths 2 Purpose!)

What if you could learn grit and resilience from me? You can!

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RENEW: If you have the option, and you’re not feeling the need to immediately reengage or reset, spend some time in renewal. All creatives know this is critical for our best work, but the reality is none of us do our best work without it.

Actions: Take time to move more, to read more, to spend time reading and focused on something you’ve allowed to slip, or have been putting off? Try something new. This time can be a great opportunity. Make sure you’re investing in your own learning, too. Another great chance to spend time working through Going for Grit or Paths 2 Purpose.

Next week is a big one— stay tuned for an offer you won’t want to miss. I’ll send it your way as I head to Florida!

With all my best, and to your grit,


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