“The only good use of any power a leader has is the responsibility to take care of her people.”

— Shannon Huffman Polson



“The only good use of any power a leader has is the responsibility to take care of her people.”
— Shannon Huffman Polson

Testimonials for Shannon Huffman Polson’s recent keynotes and appearances

“The presentation has already had an impact company wide in terms of getting people aligned with vernacular and mindset.“

— Steven Hollins, CRO, Netwrix

“Shannon provided the ‘wow factor’ that we strive to deliver to our members.“

— William J. Mellin, President/CEO, New York Credit Union Association

“Shannon was an absolute star, helping my team through the most challenging time in our business. Ten out of ten is not high enough marks.“

— Simon Leslie, CEO, Ink

“There are similarities in business to learn from her experience, to launch your team to drive to mission critical outcomes. Very inspiring!”

— Dianne Del Rosso, VP, Turbonomics/IBM

“Your work provided a superb framework for our development of leaders of characters in the profession of arms.”

— Brigadier General Linell Letendre, United States Air Force Academy

A huge hit and very inspiring! As I type this, I am overhearing the clients talk about her and how they are planning to continue to pull her message through the rest of the meetings.”

— Biohaven Pharmaceuticals

“Shannon was amazing! She did a great job summarizing the day and leaving our company energized to face the wind and fly through it! We couldn’t be happier.

— Ball Ventures

Shannon was AMAZING!!!!! We would still be there if we didn’t cut off the questions, she was that good. She was outstanding!”

— Nestle Health Science

"Shannon is an outstanding presenter who inspires the audience to reach deep inside themselves to find the place where their passion meets their purpose."


"Shannon’s insight on leading from any seat was extremely powerful and insightful! Shannon was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish and I would highly recommend her for any organization looking to inspire and reenergize its team!"

– The Geneva Foundation

Her passion and knowledge provided an undercurrent that left a deep impression on the audience. Shannon is skilled in constructing a narrative in a way that the structure disappears, revealing truths through reverie and shared experience.”

— Mountaineers Books

“Shannon has an amazing way with words - so much so that when I noticed she had left her remarks at the podium, I stormed the stage after her remarks to grab the notes, so that I could read and reread them. She’s a pro and our team really enjoyed working with her.

— Ben Klasky, CEO, Islandwood

“Shannon’s personal story of courage is both compelling and poignant. Her personal experiences are fascinating and creates the urgency to have each and every one of us explore our stories, values, and goals. Shannon’s “call to action” leaves an indelible mark."

— New York Life

"I loved everything about the presentation. Shannon has so much energy in her talk, and is a fantastic storyteller. As someone who has very little exposure to the military, I was still able to visualize and empathize with everything Shannon spoke about. She has a very contagious optimism and presence, and I think everyone walked away feeling inspired and energized."

— T-Mobile

“Shannon Polson scored the highest score for all of our sessions over the two day period!”

— Fortune 100 company

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