September 2022

September 2022

The Grit Factor turns two this month— what an amazing ride it continues to have! From launching in the middle of a pandemic and before an historic election, to sharing it with audiences around the world— from India to Vietnam, Australia to the UK, across the U.S., and audiences around the world at global brands, it continues to support the work of doing good work well.

This morning, a colleague sent a photo of The Grit Factor still displayed at an airport bookstore on is way back from the UK (picture below), and it reminded me of a fun story from a year ago I shared on IG Monday morning:


I had a client connect on LinkedIn and then hire me for consulting, a keynote and a workshop because he had picked up The Grit Factor at the airport bookshop, read it and wanted immediately to engage! He was based in the UK, and so we worked virtually together to craft a meaningful solution to a challenging problem for his branch of a global brand.

What I’m hearing from clients:

  1. Going back to basics is what people need most right now. Whether it is a leader rethinking their path, or a company adapting to significant changes, defining story and connecting to core purpose has never been more important— and people are demanding it of their leaders as well. (Chapter 1 and 2— and the COMMIT base of the Grit Triad).

  2. As you know from the previous newsletter this week on Quiet Quitting, leaders have an opportunity and a requirement to step into skills that may need developing or dusting off. I’m hearing from clients the need to work on culture again, especially as they manage hybrid workforces and continue to press on the important work of diversity, equity and inclusion— understood broadly. If you’ve been with me for a while, you can guess where this will take us: to the art and science of active and strategic listening. The Grit Factor brings you back to brass tacks— not only with reminders on why this is important, but also HOW to make it happen. How to build those skills for yourself and your teams. (reach out if you’d like me to help with this).

    Today more than ever, companies and individuals need The Grit Factor.

And now, what I’ve promised from the start:

A special offer ONLY for subscribers!

In honor of The Grit Factor’s birthday, I’d like to offer the signature course of The Grit Institute, Going for Grit to you at the biggest discount it’s ever seen!

This six-week course takes you deep into The Grit Factor, pulling out the tactical exercises and offering additional opportunities to go deep into the material to truly make it your own.

It normally runs $997. But for subscribers, in honor of The Grit Factor’s birthday and your part in its journey, I’m cutting the price to $497.

That’s $500 off!

I know you’ll find this investment in yourself valuable. And if you want to bring it to your leadership team or your company, reach out for enterprise pricing options.


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