November 2022

November 2022

This past weekend I tried something completely new.

Most of my business is delivering world class keynotes (below, the day before Thanksgiving in Orlando, Florida) and B2B training through the Grit Institute. I have heard from so many people that they wished that what I speak about and teach to businesses could be available more broadly— to students, to an adult son in a new company, to a senior executive making a career change.

I agree. I know that the courses at The Grit Institute are life changing— I’ve seen it in my own life and in others. And I’m on a mission to build courageous leaders for a better world— which means making sure that the work I do can reach and help as many people as possible!

And so this past weekend I did the first big push of offering courses B2C at The Grit Institute. They’ve been hanging out there quietly on the back of the website, but this was the first true PUSH.

And, well, the response was pretty darn quiet. (Yikes! Blush.)

Maybe it’s because we were actually taking time off for Thanksgiving or just our families— that’s awesome.

But more likely, it’s because I didn’t ask you how you wanted to play. I’m learning.

Would you weigh in?

2023 is shaping up to be incredibly FULL (I don’t want to use the term busy…I’m grateful for this good work!) and I need your help in directing the next few offerings of The Grit Institute. Can you help with answering a few short questions with a quick reply to this email?

  1. What offerings are most helpful for your personal journey of leadership, grit and facing the wind?

    1. One to five day courses2. Webinars 3. Two to six week courses 4. Something else (please let me know what)

  2. What else would you like to see The Grit Institute offer? (Mindset work? Goal setting?)

  3. Would you use an app for learning at The Grit Institute?

  4. Are you interested in a course focusing on veteran transitions to corporate?

  5. Are you interested in a course directed at the leadership development for senior women?

  6. Are you interested in a course or a book for parents of kids— ie, kids and grit?

Thank you for giving your feedback— and know that your input directly impacts what I develop and deploy at The Grit Institute!

Meanwhile, as a mea culpa, I hope you’ll enjoy these photos from Strasbourg and the Alsace area of France on the border of both Switzerland and Germany, where my family joined friends for a lovely weekend and a true American Thanksgiving. We feel truly blessed.

With all my best and to YOUR grit,


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